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Social Security Disability Attorneys in Kennewick, Washington

Making Sense of Social Security Disability Benefits

It’s no secret that dealing with the federal government can be difficult and sometimes extremely frustrating. This is especially true when it comes to Social Security Disability benefits. What started out as a great social “safety net” (and still is), has morphed into a morass of regulations, rules, laws, and procedures, all of which you may need to know to be successful in obtaining disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Our team of lawyers and staff, located in Kennewick, Washington, is experienced in preparing many disability applications and appeals. We would be happy to speak with you about your individual situation and how it affects your future. We make ourselves fully available to clients throughout the process and keep them updated on all developments.

Fight for What You Deserve

How Many Times Can You Apply for Social Security Disability?

It is very common for people to be denied benefits the first time they apply, however it isn't uncommon for someone to be accepted after they have been denied multiple times. With that in mind, it is important to take a very careful look at your application: Do you have substantial evidence or proof that you aren't able to work? Is your injury bad enough to actually keep you from working every day?

If you were denied the first time, the answer to those questions is probably "no." However, your injury or illness may be worse than the last time you applied, or you may have access to medical information that proves your injuries and your inability to go into work.

As experienced attorneys, we will help you make the most of your application so you have a greater chance oat receiving the benefits you need.

Client Testimonial

"I will quote the Social Security Administrative Law Judge: ‘This is the best hearing brief I have seen in my 12 years of doing disability hearings’. That says it all frankly. These folks were on top of every issue that came up before my hearing and all the medical data that had to be gone over. Friendly, experienced, easy to communicate with and on time."

-Darren S.

Peace of Mind

In every Social Security Disability case, we work exclusively on contingency and never collect any attorneys’ fees unless we obtain the benefits our clients deserve. Contact our office in Kennewick, Washington to schedule a consultation today.

We encourage you to take decisive action by reaching out and scheduling a free initial consultation with us now.