Workers’ Compensation

Securing Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you’ve been hurt at work, you have rights. In most cases, you are also entitled to benefits until you recover.

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Unfortunately, without acting based on a full knowledge of your rights, benefits can be withheld or terminated – often far too soon. The workers’ compensation process is filled with pitfalls and oftentimes the Department of Labor and Industries or Self-Insured employers will do whatever is possible to limit payouts. Since they have someone looking out for their interests, you need someone looking out for yours too.

Our team has handled hundreds of workers’ compensation cases, and we are fully prepared to address your individual case and unique concerns.

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When you partner with our firm, you ensure that you will receive counsel from a local attorney who will keep you informed on all developments in your case throughout the process. In addition, our lawyers have worked for years on the insurance side – this gives us comprehensive understanding of how the insurance company will value benefits, and we can counter in pursuit of your benefits and well-being.

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