Kennewick Criminal Defense Attorneys

Most of our clients don't have any trouble with the law or police. Until they do.

What then?

Things can happen, and before you know it, you may be investigated or charged with a crime, facing a conviction which may be costly, or in some cases, catastrophically life-changing. Because of the high stakes involved in criminal law cases, it is extremely important to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights — and your future.

At Preszler & Bunch, PLLC, our team of criminal defense attorneys has handled literally hundreds of cases in Benton and Franklin counties. As such, we know the law and know what it takes to reach dismissals or mitigate consequences in the best possible way. While every case is different and each outcome is unique, what we can promise is a vigorous defense. This may mean a meaningful attempt at resolving the matter in your favor quickly and without a trial. It may also require a leave-no-stone-unturned defense if a trial is the best way to achieve a fair resolution. We are prepared to work on both felony and misdemeanor cases, including:

  • DUI
  • Traffic violations
  • Drug crimes
    • Possession
      • Marijuana
      • Cocaine
      • Hallucinogens
      • Meth
      • Heroin
      • Amphetamines
    • Possession with intent to distribute
    • Sales
    • Trafficking
  • Sex crimes
  • Violent crimes
    • Assault
    • Battery
    • Homicide
  • White collar crimes
    • Identity theft
    • Embezzlement
    • Fraud
  • Theft-related crimes
    • Burglary
    • Shoplifting

There is no charge for an initial consultation — so if you're in a tough spot and don't know where to turn, come see us for a chat and some options.

To get in touch and schedule an initial consultation to discuss a legal issue with our Kennewick, Washington, attorneys, call 509-591-9972 or email Preszler & Bunch, PLLC.